Stack Mold


Stack molds are an innovative solution within the injection molding industry, designed to significantly enhance the efficiency of the molding process. As the demand for higher productivity and cost-effective manufacturing methods increases, stack molds are becoming increasingly popular due to their unique ability to multiply output without expanding machinery or floor space.

A stack mold essentially comprises two or more mold faces in a single mold base, arranged in a stacked configuration. The design allows simultaneous molding on both sides of the mold, effectively doubling or even tripling the output in a single cycle compared to a conventional mold of the same size.

Advantages of Stack Molds

Disadvantages of Stack Molds

Ideal Use Cases for Stack Molds


Stack molds are a powerful tool in the injection molding industry, offering increased output, cost savings, and production flexibility. However, they come with higher initial costs and maintenance challenges, and achieving a balanced fill can be complex. Therefore, their use should be evaluated based on the specific requirements of each project, balancing the potential benefits against the associated costs and challenges. The decision to use a stack mold is a strategic one that can significantly impact the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the production process.