Introduction of Hot Runner Mold Designs

In the realm of injection molding, hot runner molds are a significant innovation, designed to streamline the production process and enhance the quality of the final product. These molds incorporate a heated manifold and a ‘hot half,’ collectively called a ‘hot runner system.’ This system ensures that plastic remains molten from the machine nozzle to the cavity, thus reducing waste and improving efficiency.

Advantages of Hot Runner Mold

Disadvantages of Hot Runner Mold

Ideal Use Cases for Hot Runner Mold


Hot runner molds are a powerful tool in the injection molding industry, offering reduced waste, faster cycle times, and improved part quality. However, they come with higher initial costs and maintenance challenges. Therefore, their use should be evaluated based on the specific requirements of each project, balancing the potential benefits against the associated costs and challenges. Trumould specializes in understanding the application of hot runner mold. We have networked with multiple hot runner providers and this helps reduce the cost of molded parts for our customers.