Injection Molding Part Cost

Among various manufacturing processes in the plastics industry, injection molding stands out as a highly favored method. Its efficiency, repeatability, and precision in creating parts to fit within strict tolerances make it a go-to option for the mass production of plastic components. Everyday objects that we come into contact with, like the TV remote in your hand or the protective housing of your fan, are just a few examples of items that are brought to life through the power of injection molding.

The injection molding industry, despite its pivotal role in our daily lives, is not without its challenges. One of the primary difficulties lies in the lack of cost standardization. This void leads to a broad spectrum of quotes given by injection molding vendors to manufacturers, leaving the latter in a quandary about the appropriate amount they should be budgeting for their desired products.

In response to this issue, we at Trumould are spearheading an initiative aimed at eliminating this uncertainty from the quotation process. Our belief is rooted in the premise that a designer should not have to wait anywhere between 5 to 10 days to receive a quote from a vendor. Instead, we argue that there should be a well-defined, systematic approach in place to calculate costs, thus enabling designers to predict what the expenses should be and adjust their designs accordingly.

As a testament to our commitment to this cause, we have created Trumould’s Auto Quoting Engine. This unique solution is geared towards not only making procurement more efficient but also revolutionizing the entire cost estimation process.

Injection Molding Part Cost

The Emergence of On-Demand Injection Molding

On-demand injection molding is rising in popularity due to the shift in consumer and market demand. Modern customers prefer personalized products, and the market is increasingly becoming volatile. On-demand manufacturing facilitates flexibility and quick adjustments to these ever-changing demands.

Furthermore, digitalization has paved the way for this shift. With digital platforms, companies can now easily upload their design files, get instant quotes, and place orders. This technology has significantly reduced the lead time compared to traditional manufacturing methods. Trumould is pioneering this shift in injection molding by developing a tech-enabled platform that specifically solves injection molding issues. 

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Labour Cost

Injection Molding cycle Time
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Trumould Auto Quoting Engine

Trumould with its years of expertise in injection molding domain is able to formalize all these factors and cohesively develop an Auto Quoting Engine. We can quote a part cost with seconds using this engine. This not only saves time and hassle but it also helps in benchmarking the cost of the part. Try our auto quoting engine and get part cost instantly, you can also turn the knobs by switching around the materials, quantity and finishes.