2 Plate Mold

2 plate Mold ia a type of injection mold commonly used in the plastic injection molding industry. As the name suggests, a 2 plate   mold consists of two plates that come together to form the mold cavity. The plates are separated by a parting line, which defines the shape of the plastic injection mold product being produced. In this article, we will explore the advantages and disadvantages of two plate molds, as well as the ideal use cases for this type of injection molding.

Advantages of 2 Plate Mold

Disadvantages of 2 Plate Mold

Ideal Use Cases for 2 plate mold

In conclusion, 2 plate molds are a cost-effective and versatile option for the production of plastic injection mold products. They offer a range of advantages, including reduced scrap rates and efficient production, but also have some limitations, such as limited design flexibility and part ejection issues.Trumould specializes in designing and offering 2 plate mold as a solution to our customers. We are able to assess when to use which kind of mold to help the customer. You can use our quoting system to get better understanding and costing of the parts.