From Prototype To Production

Proto Molds

Ideal for part design validation, low volume production, and bridge production quantities. These molds are made from in expensive grades of metal that help in reducing the cost and getting to market faster.

Production Molds

Ideal for higher volume production parts, starting at 10,000 units. Tooling costs are higher than Rapid Design Molds, but tooling construction allows for lower part pricing.


We Also Offer

Plastic Parts Manufacturing

TruMould offers perfect solution for your plastic parts manufacturing needs from small to large production batches.

Our Capabilities

Molds of all sizes,
expertly crafted.

Mold Sizing : Trumould has partnered with vendors across the spectrum to make sure we can deliver parts of all sizes and all materials to our customers. We can produce parts as small as 5mm and as big as 2 metres. This gives our customers the conveneince of ordering all parts at a single place. Molds of larger size require a higher level of expertise and years of experience, many of our vendors have been doing large plastic parts for over 40 years and have significant experience in developing that part reliably. 

Material : We are able to manufacture parts in all types of plastic. We are connected to a plethora of plastic distributors which not only increases the number of plastic we are able to procure, it also means we get favourable pricing from these distributors because we procure in large volumes. This kind of expertise really helps the customers in designing the products as per their needs and opens up the design space without compromising on the budget.

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