Family Mold


In the universe of manufacturing, the concept of family molds holds a unique and crucial position. Defined as an injection mold that is designed to produce several different parts of the same assembly within one cycle, a family mold is a testament to efficiency and smart design in the manufacturing process. It enables the simultaneous production of multiple components that belong to the same ‘family’—essentially, parts that are intended for the same final assembly—in a single operation.

Family molds consist of multiple cavities, each producing a different component of the final product in a single shot. This differs from a multi-cavity mold, which produces multiple copies of the same part. Each cavity in a family mold is distinct, shaped to create a different component for the final assembly.

Advantages of Family Mold

Disadvantages of Family Mold

Ideal Use Cases for Family Mold


Family molds offer a unique opportunity for efficient and cost-effective production in the injection molding industry. They are particularly beneficial for high-volume production of assemblies with similar parts. However, they do come with their own set of challenges, including potential balance issues and maintenance concerns. Therefore, careful evaluation and planning are necessary to determine whether a family mold is the most suitable choice for a particular project. Understanding the nuances of this tool can empower manufacturers to make informed decisions, optimize their production process, and ultimately, achieve the desired results. Trumould has helped multiple customers who order multiple parts by leveraging our knowledge of family Mold, we have reduced the total tooling cost by 40% by reducing the number of tools needed for the parts. You can try our quoting tool to get instant quote and get a better understanding of your project costs.