Top 5 Plastic Injection Molding Companies in Illinois, USA

The world of plastic injection molding is vast and intricate, with numerous players vying for the top spots. In Illinois, USA, a few companies stand out for their exceptional service, quality, and innovation. Here, we present the top five plastic injection molding companies, with a focus on their expertise in both local and overseas markets.

1. Tru Mould 

• Contact No: +1 (720) 519-7806
• Email Address:

Tru Mould is renowned for its state-of-the-art Custom Plastic Injection Molding services. As an overseas injection molding company, they have set a benchmark in low-cost injection molding with a focus on quality. Their services cater to various industries including automotive and medical sectors, making them a versatile player in the market. Tru Mould’s efficient injection mold cost estimator and instant injection molding quote system streamline client interactions, ensuring a smooth experience.

2. Poly Plastics

• Contact No: 886-2-2515-7111
• Email Address:

Poly Plastics, an overseas injection molding supplier, excels in manufacturing plastics with a focus on automotive and medical applications. Their automotive injection molding and medical injection molding services are highly regarded, especially for their medical-grade silicone injection molding. Poly Plastics is a plastic manufacturing company that stands out for its affordability and quality.

3. Protolabs

• Contact No: 877-479-3680
• Email Address:

Known for their rapid turnaround, Protolabs is a key overseas injection molding manufacturer. They specialize in injection molding low volume production, making them a go-to for startups and small businesses. Their clean room injection molding requirements are stringent, ensuring high-quality outputs. Protolabs’ injection molding instant quote system is a notable feature, offering transparency in pricing.

4. Rex Plastics

• Contact No: 1-800-839-0366
• Email Address:

Rex Plastics stands out as an affordable injection molding and overmolding overseas company. They provide comprehensive services from how to make a mold for plastic to the final manufacturing process. Their focus on plastic injection mold cost and efficiency makes them a preferred choice for cost-conscious clients.

5. Plastic Components

• Contact No: 305-885-0561
• Email Address:

Plastic Components excels in plastic molding and is known as a reliable plastic molding manufacturer. Their expertise extends to plastic injection molding automotive parts and plastic injection molding medical parts overseas. They are recognized for their precision and ability to handle complex projects.

Each of these companies offers unique strengths in the field of plastic parts manufacturing. From automotive injection moulding company expertise to medical device injection molding, the range of services is vast and tailored to meet the diverse needs of clients.

In conclusion, Illinois houses some of the most proficient plastic injection molding companies, each contributing significantly to the realm of plastics products manufacturing. These companies not only serve the local market but also extend their expertise as overseas injection molding suppliers, catering to a global clientele. With advancements in technology and a focus on sustainable practices, the future of plastic injection molding in Illinois looks bright and promising.