Auto Quoting for Injection Molded Parts

Injection molding is a popular manufacturing process where molten plastic, glass, metal, etc., are injected into a mold and cooled to form spare parts, toys, and other items. Many industries, ranging from automotive to sports to homecare use injection molding to manufacture various products in bulk.

Many SMEs and large enterprises rely on this process to keep their production running smoothly. SMEs often hire injection molding services from third-party manufacturers to save time, money, and resources. The increase in demand for personalized items has led to quite a few changes in production.

Manufacturers have to consider customers’ requirements when ordering molding products. However, this is easier said than done, even in today’s world.

Why, you ask?

The first step to hiring an injection molding manufacturer is to get a quote. Every manufacturer gets quotes from at least a few manufacturers before making the decision based on cost, duration, quality, etc. On average, it takes a week to ten days for injection molding manufacturers to provide a quote.

Imagine waiting this long just to know whether or not you can hire a manufacturer! Wouldn’t this extend the project duration and affect sales?

That’s why Trumould has come up with an advanced algorithm that provides quotes in a few seconds. No more waiting or wasting time. Trumould Auto Quote Engine will give you the cost of producing the parts soon after you enter the input details.

Issues with Getting Quotes for Injection Molding

Injection molding may seem easy, but is a tricky process that involves multiple factors. It takes more time to calculate the cost of creating products through injection molding due to the various parameters involved. For example, the manufacturer has to consider the following:

• Raw materials used (quantity, type, etc.)

• Weight of the raw material

• Output quantity required

• Cycle time (which is divided into 7 phases)

• Wastage

• Quality checking/ inspection

• Finishing

• Packaging, etc.

The final injection molding part cost will vary whenever there’s a change in any of the above factors. Hence, the manufacturer has to be diligent in calculating the approximate cost of the project before sharing the quote. But brands cannot wait so long just for a quote.

Customer Demands

The global market is getting more volatile with changes in customer demands. You can no longer afford to wait for days and weeks. Customers want instant results. That means you should speed up the process without compromising quality. The best way to do this is to get an instant quote for injection molding.

High Variation in Quotes

Another issue is the difference in the amounts quoted by different manufacturers. The cost of injection molding varies highly compared to other processes. That’s due to the different calculations used by different manufacturers. How can you decide which manufacturer in such instances? How can you know which one is best suited for your project?

Even the big players in the industry haven’t yet focused on this problem. However, very few manufacturers like Trumould found a reliable solution through advanced technology. We have the necessary in-house experience and used it to build the Auto Quoting Engine. We showed it is possible to provide injection molding product costs in a handful of seconds.

How Auto Quoting Works

Auto Quoting Engine is a game-changer in the injection molding industry. No more waiting for companies to get back with a messy quote. No more wondering how the cost was calculated. The entire process is automated based on powerful algorithms.

Enter your project details on our website and get the quote in a few minutes with complimentary DFM. It is quick, easy, automated, and accurate. Start by creating an account on the website.

• Step 1: Enter the input data such as product required, quantity, etc. This is done by uploading a .STEP image file with the design of the product you want.

STEP is a CAD file with the image of the product you want us to create through injection molding.

• Step 2: The algorithm processes the input data to gather the cost of raw materials, design, etc.

It compares the data with the latest pricing information, cycle time calculations, wastage, etc. This information is collected from trusted suppliers who are a part of the Trumould network.

• Step 3: Clients can see a part of this process through the interface (visualization) developed by the company. This has been done to increase transparency and involve the client in the process.

Here, you can upload supporting documents and provide additional notes we should consider when working on your project. Use the drop-down lists to change/ select the raw material type, color, finishing, etc., for the products.

• Step 4: The Auto Quote Engine completes the calculation and shares an accurate quote with the client. It also provides a PDF with 3D images of how the final product will look.

The DFM will include suggestions about the design if necessary. This will help make minor adjustments to the overall product design to increase its efficiency and usability.

The entire process takes only a few seconds as opposed to the days required to perform the calculations manually. After getting the quote, you can grant us the order for manufacturing the parts or take time to compare the details and order later. All this is possible without wasting your precious time or resources.

Why Auto Quoting is Not Common in the Injection Molding Industry

One might wonder why many injection molding manufacturers could not come up with such a feature. After all, many large enterprises use automated technology for production. It can also be found in sheet metal and CNC industries.

Well, as we mentioned earlier, injection molding can be complex. The higher the variables involved in a process, the greater the risk of error when calculating the quote. Big names tend to focus on speeding up the production cycle. Not many worry about the initial but crucial stages of planning and gathering quotes.

However, manufacturers like Trumould have spent several months on intensive research to understand how more time can be saved through automation. This led to the development of the Auto Quote Engine. Our focus has been on reducing time-intensive processes even before the actual production cycle begins.

Combined with our in-house experience, we have come up with this reliable and efficient algorithm that factors all variables when providing a quote for injection molding product cost.

Benefits of Trumold Auto Quoting

• Quick and Easy
Auto Quoting Engine simplifies the initial process of getting quotes from injection molding companies to manufacture the parts/ products you want. Instead of waiting for a response to your emails or queries, you can get a quote without involving other humans in the process. No complications or risk of miscommunication. You enter the input details, and the algorithm will do the rest.

• Automated
Automation eliminates the need for human intervention at multiple stages and streamlines the process. By automating the quotation system, we eliminated middlemen from the process by bringing the interface directly to you. The risk of errors is also nil since everything is controlled by technology.

• Cost-Effective
The Auto Quoting Engine saves the amount spent on third parties. Moreover, idle waiting time also costs money, as your competitors might gain an advantage while you wait for the quote. By cutting down this waiting time, you can go from planning to production in a day or two and get the final products much sooner.

• Save Time
The primary reason for developing the Auto Quote Engine is to save time for our clients. In today’s fast-paced world, you cannot afford to keep your customers (end users) waiting. Similarly, market opportunities don’t wait for others. You have to be one step ahead of others without cutting corners or compromising quality. This is the best way to balance everything.

• Efficiency
Manual or semi-manual calculation of a quote for injection molding is time-consuming and has a high risk of error. A wrong or missing entry could change the projected amount and lead to an incorrect quote. No such issues with Trumould Auto Quote Engine. It is efficient and error-free.

Why Should Startups Use Trumould Injection Molding Company

Trumould is a custom plastic injection molding company in the US with clients from around the globe. We provide on-demand services based on your requirements and deliver the products as per the schedule. Our pricing is competitive and budget-friendly.

Startups in the manufacturing industry don’t have the same working capital and budget as large enterprises. You have to work within certain financial limitations and cannot afford to waste weeks on waiting time. That’s where Trumould helps. Our Auto Quote Engine provides instant quotes for you to decide and place an order.

We will immediately start working on your project and deliver the final products (in neat packaging) as soon as possible. This creates a level playing field in the market and allows you to make proactive decisions.

• Competitive Pricing
We have 60 molding partners and use over 200 injection molding machines to manufacture the products. Our network allows us to charge better prices compared to others. Coupled with our Auto Quote Engine, you can save substantial amounts on the projects and increase your ROI Moreover, the quotation algorithm is designed with a built-in discount system. The order price will decrease as the quantity increases. Save more money on bulk orders.

• Convenient
Everything is in your control and at your fingertips. You can directly interact with the algorithm to get an automated quote. Once you grant us the project, you can track the progress through the Gantt Chart. We will also assign a dedicated project manager to answer your queries.

• Client-Friendly
At Trumould, we give the utmost importance to client satisfaction. We want our processes to be client-friendly, especially for manufacturers just starting out in the competitive markets. There is no minimum cap on the quantity per order. You can order a single product or thousands of them, depending on your need.

• Transparent
Stay up to date about the project and know when the order will be ready. We believe in offering transparent services to all our clients. You not only get weekly updates but can also review the sample pieces and approve them before we complete the order.

• Reliable
With a wide supplier network and access to 100+ plastic polymer materials, we offer reliable injection molding services in the global market. Our lead time is just 48 hours. Our process delivers consistent and high-quality results at all times and is flexible enough to align with your specifications.

Is Auto Quote Engine Accurate and Trustworthy?

Trumould has assigned an expert team of professionals to research and develop the Auto Quote Engine. The algorithm has been tested multiple times to ensure high accuracy. Our clients are happy with the ease of getting an instant quote and have seen that the amounts are accurate and well-priced. The team regularly monitors the algorithm to upgrade and maintain it.

Final Words

Injection molding doesn’t have to be cost-intensive or time-consuming. With the Auto Quote Engine at Trumould, you can get an instant quote for your project and even consider alternative material/ color options from the same interface and place your order in less than a few minutes.

Track the progress and get the final products carefully packed and delivered to your address. Cut down the production-to-market time and increase customer satisfaction.

Talk to us to learn more!